Mind of One Wanted: Exploring the Music – Lyrics, Remixes, and More

Discovering a song that speaks to your soul and personal journey can feel like an endless quest in today’s vast musical landscape. But every once in a while, a track like “Wanted” by Mind Of One comes along, breaking through the noise with its profound lyrical depth and entrancing EDM beats.

This isn’t just another tune to add to your playlist; it’s an invitation into a world where music intersects with mindfulness, nudging listeners towards self-discovery and manifestation.

As someone deeply entrenched in the intersection of spirituality and contemporary entertainment for quite some time now, “Wanted” struck a chord with me from the first listen. Released under Elliptical Sun Melodies back in 2021, this single goes beyond offering up infectious dance rhythms—it weaves together introspective lyrics with pulsating beats, acting as a conduit for listeners to tap into their latent desires and goals.

Dive deeper into this piece for an exploration of its musicality, impactful message, and the enchantment behind remixes that broaden its appeal even further. Let yourself be drawn into this captivating experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Wanted” by Mind of One stands out in the musical world with its introspective lyrics and captivating EDM beats, mixing spirituality with music to guide listeners towards self-discovery and manifestation.
  • Through exploring the different remixes like MikeT Remix, Chillwave Remix, Deep House Edit, and Acoustic Version, “Wanted” shows its versatility in sound and ability to connect on various levels – from energizing beats that motivate to soothing melodies that calm.
  • The song’s impact resonates deeply among fans worldwide. Positive reactions highlight how it touches souls at concerts where live performances turn individual listening into a shared spiritual experience.
  • Comparing “Wanted” to other singles and EPs by Mind of One reveals unique qualities in lyrical depth, theme exploration, and audience engagement suggesting a profound connection between personal growth journeys and music.
  • Audiences have embraced “Wanted,” describing it as transformative both at live concerts where they engage collectively in the energy of the performance and through personal revelations inspired by its lyrics.

Overview of Mind of One’s “Wanted”

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Exploring “Wanted” by Mind of One reveals a lyrical journey that resonates deeply with our quest for understanding and self-improvement. The song’s unique blend of musical style and production illuminates the path towards achieving both material desires and spiritual growth.

Lyrics analysis

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Analyzing the lyrics of Mind of One’s “Wanted,” I find myself drawn into a world where music merges with messages of longing and self-discovery. The words, carefully chosen, speak volumes about the human condition – our endless search for belonging and understanding.

Each line in the song seems to echo the soul’s quest for meaning, resonating deeply with spiritual seekers like us who journey through life seeking deeper connections and insights.

The song’s composition cleverly intertwines melody with emotion, guiding listeners through an introspective experience. As I listen closely to its lyrics, I’m inspired to interpret their significance against my own experiences.

The artist’s message seems clear: amidst life’s chaos, finding oneself becomes paramount. This interpretation not only amplifies the beauty found within “Wanted” but also reminds me why music holds such power in our lives – it mirrors our deepest emotions and compels us towards personal growth and enlightenment.

Musical style and production

Music is a bridge between the material and spiritual.

I explore “Wanted” by Mind of One, illuminating its musical style and production that captivate listeners. This single, categorized under trance music, showcases an impeccable blend of electronic dance music (EDM) elements with profound sound production.

The tracks, released in 2021 through Elliptical Sun Melodies, extend over seven minutes of auditory journey designed to elevate one’s spirit. The choice of synthesizers pulsates through the airwaves, creating waves of euphoria that aligns perfectly with my pursuit for deeper spiritual connections while embracing positive thinking.

The songwriting intricately weaves emotional depth into the rhythm, inviting us on a voyage towards self-improvement and manifestation. Each beat and melody in “Wanted” serves as an anchor to our higher selves within the vast ocean of trance music genre.

As a lover of both music and spirituality, I find this combination not just entertaining but enriching—making every moment spent listening an act towards attaining greater mindfulness.

Now let’s venture into exploring “Wanted” remixes to further understand its impact on both audiences and fellow artists alike.

Exploration of “Wanted” Remixes

Digging into the remixes of “Wanted” by Mind of One introduces a whole new dimension to this beloved track. Each version brings its own flavor, expanding the song’s universe and offering listeners varied experiences that resonate with their unique journeys towards self-improvement and spiritual fulfillment.

MikeT Remix

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I came across the MikeT Remix of “Wanted” by Mind of One, and it struck a chord in me. With its cinematic vibes and dance-worthy beats, this version elevates the original track into something ‘huge’, as many fans have described.

Its genre, Dance & EDM, perfectly complements my journey towards personal growth through music that motivates and uplifts.

Listeners from 2021 to 2024 have showered this remix with praises, calling it the “best ever.” Such enthusiastic comments inspire me to explore how music can enhance our spiritual path and self-improvement journey.

It’s a reminder of how reinterpretations like this can offer new perspectives on familiar tunes, pushing us to find deeper meaning or simply enjoy life’s rhythm in a new light.

Let’s move on to discover other popular remixes that might add different dimensions to our quest for both material and spiritual wealth.

Other popular remixes

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I’ve always been fascinated by how a remix can give a song new life, transforming its vibe and message in ways that resonate differently with each listener. “Wanted” by Mind of One has indeed sparked creative fires, leading to a variety of reimagined renditions that stand out in their own unique ways.

  • The MikeT Remix elevates the track with a pulsating beat and energizing basslines, making it impossible not to move. This version takes the reflective nature of the original and turns it into an anthem of empowerment, perfect for those moments when you need a surge of motivation.

Exploring alternate versions reveals the Chillwave Remix, which offers a stark contrast with its laid-back tempo and dreamy synths. It transforms “Wanted” into a meditative experience, ideal for introspection or winding down after a long day. This adaptation highlights how music can serve as both an escape and a tool for self-discovery.

The Deep House Edit dives into the depths of emotion with its hypnotic rhythms and subtle melodic tweaks. It’s more than just music; it’s an auditory journey meant to awaken insights about oneself and the interconnectedness of all things. This version speaks directly to seekers who use music as a medium for spiritual exploration.

An investigation into alternative mixes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Acoustic Version. Stripping “Wanted” down to its bare essentials showcases the song’s raw emotional core, reminding us that simplicity can sometimes lead to profound understandings about love and desire.

Surveying diverse adaptations like these not only demonstrates the versatility of “Wanted” but also mirrors our own multifaceted journeys towards self-improvement and spiritual growth. Each remix, with its distinct flavor, encourages us to see life from different perspectives – an invaluable practice for anyone on a path toward enlightenment.

Let’s explore how these various interpretations have left their mark on audiences around the globe.

The Singularity of “Wanted” in Mind of One’s Discography

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“Wanted” stands out as a unique masterpiece in Mind of One’s discography, reflecting an intricate blend of lyrical depth and innovative sound that speaks directly to the soul. Its distinct vibe sets it apart from their other singles and EPs, offering listeners a profound musical journey that resonates with both the quest for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Comparison with other singles and EPs

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Embarking on a journey through the musical landscapes of Mind of One, I’ve found that their single “Wanted” holds a unique place in their discography, especially when we look at its lyrical depth, musical style, and overall vibe. It’s fascinating to see how it stands apart from their other singles and EPs, not just in its sound but in how it connects with our journey towards self-improvement and understanding the spiritual essence of life.

TitleRelease YearGenreKey ThemesConnection to Spiritual and Self-Improvement
Wanted2021TranceDesire, SearchEmbodies the quest for meaning and the pursuit of one’s true desires, aligning with the journey towards self-discovery.
Other Singles2019-2021Trance, Progressive HouseVarietyWhile inspiring and uplifting, they often focus more on the musical journey rather than the lyrical depth or spiritual quest.
EPs2020-2021Trance, ProgressiveExploration, ExperienceOffer a broader musical exploration but do not always engage directly with themes of personal or spiritual growth.

I’ve noticed a distinctive pattern in “Wanted” that sets it apart. The song doesn’t just invite us to feel; it encourages us to think, to reflect on our innermost desires, and to align our actions with our true selves. This is a powerful message for anyone on a path of self-improvement and spiritual awakening. Unlike the other singles and EPs from Mind of One, which certainly offer emotional uplift and sonic escapades, “Wanted” goes a step further by integrating its sonic appeal with a message that resonates on a deeper, more personal level.

This comparison reveals that while all of Mind of One’s works bring something unique to the table, “Wanted” is particularly special for those of us on a path of personal development. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the message, the journey, and the transformation. That’s what makes “Wanted” not just a song, but a companion on the journey towards finding and fulfilling our deepest desires.

Impact of “Wanted”

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The impact of “Wanted” stretches far beyond just the music; it resonates with listeners on a personal level, inviting them to explore their own desires and ambitions through the powerful lyrics and melodies.

This song not only captures the essence of longing but also becomes a mirror for self-reflection, encouraging fans to delve into their innermost cravings and aspirations. Its widespread appeal is evident in enthusiastic audience reactions at concerts, where every performance of “Wanted” turns into a collective experience of shared emotions and dreams.

Discover how this single has defined moments both on stage and off, becoming an anthem for those in pursuit of their deepest yearnings.

Audience reception

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Listeners have showered “Wanted” by Mind of One with glowing praise, often describing the song as cinematic, huge, and even the best they’ve ever heard. These positive comments span from 2021 to 2024, highlighting a sustained impact on fans.

This reception speaks volumes to those of us seeking both spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement through music. It reminds us how powerful melodies intertwined with profound lyrics can elevate our thoughts and guide us toward a higher understanding or state of being.

Reception of the song goes beyond mere enjoyment; it has touched listeners deeply, resonating on levels that perhaps words alone cannot fully capture. Fans have expressed how “Wanted” connects with their personal journeys toward manifesting dreams and embracing positivity in their lives.

It’s not just about the sound but also about the essence it brings into spaces – transforming them into havens for reflection, growth, and even healing.

Music like ‘Wanted’ isn’t just heard; it’s felt on a soul level.

Concert performances

A guitar on stage with colorful lights in a bustling atmosphere.

I’ve always believed in the power of music to uplift and inspire change within us, and attending a live concert can often feel like a transformative experience. It’s in these moments, amidst the energy of the crowd and the passion of the performers, that we find ourselves connected not just to the music but to something much larger than ourselves.

  • Concert Atmosphere Elevates Songs: There’s something magical about hearing “Wanted” performed live by Mind Of One. The concert atmosphere transforms the song into a three-dimensional experience. Each note seems to carry more weight, and every lyric resonates deeply with the audience. This immersive environment creates a collective energy that amplifies the song’s impact.
  • Audience Engagement: During live performances of “Wanted”, you can visibly see how the audience becomes part of the show. People sing along, move in sync with the beat, and even close their eyes to savor every moment. This level of engagement not only elevates the concert experience but also reinforces the emotional bond between Mind Of One and their listeners.
  • The Impact of Live Music on Spiritual Growth: Experiencing “Wanted” in a live setting can act as a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual awakening. The vibrancy and energy of live music stimulate our senses, making us more open to receiving messages about self-improvement and positivity. It’s as if each performance is an invitation to explore deeper levels of consciousness.
  • Stage Performances Showcase Musical Influence: Watching Mind Of One perform “Wanted” on stage highlights their musical talent and artistic influence. Their ability to connect with their instruments and each other showcases a level of musicianship that recordings alone cannot capture. It’s this raw display of talent that often inspires attendees to pursue their own creative or musical endeavors.
  • Performance Impact Beyond The Concert: The memories created during these concerts linger long after leaving the venue. For many, witnessing “Wanted” live has been a turning point, sparking changes in attitude towards life’s challenges or encouraging steps towards self-improvement. Such performances offer more than just entertainment; they provide listeners with tools for personal transformation.

In essence, each concert is not just an event but an opportunity for growth, challenge, and connection—aligned perfectly with my journey toward manifesting both material abundance and deeper spiritual understanding.


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Exploring “Mind of One Wanted” reveals much more than just music. We’ve seen how lyrics, remixes, and the unique sound blend to create a transformative experience for listeners. This journey into musical creativity reminds us that artistry in songwriting and composition has the power to connect deeply with our spiritual quests.

The positive feedback from fans confirms its impact is both profound and widespread, showing music as a tool for inner change. For those seeking further inspiration or guidance on this path, exploring additional works by Mind Of One might open new doors to personal growth.

Let this exploration serve as a reminder of the ongoing search for meaning through music, encouraging us all to find our own rhythm in the pursuit of enlightenment.


1. What kind of music does Mind of One create?

Mind of One produces electronic music that often blends various genres for a unique sound.

2. Can I find lyrics to Mind of One’s songs?

Yes, lyrics to their songs are available on music streaming platforms and lyric websites.

3. Are there any remixes of Mind of One’s tracks?

Indeed, several artists have remixed Mind of One’s tracks, adding their own twist to the original compositions.

4. Where can I listen to Mind of One’s music?

You can enjoy their music on popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

5. Does Mind of One collaborate with other artists?

Yes, they frequently collaborate with other musicians to produce new and exciting sounds.

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